Friday, 17 June 2011

Hidrogen water?

received a question in formspring and it sounds more or less like this:

Well readers, before I tell you what hydrogen water means, let me share the history of hydrogen water or hydrogen enriched water.

It all started in 1991 when Mr. Chahin's sick dog drank muddy water from a well in Tlacote, Mexico.

The dog recovered just after that. Without much thinking, he gave the water to all his workers. Then, he gave the puclic to use it. People started talking about it and what happenned after that?

5000 to 10 000 people queued up just to take the water! Most of them are patients of:
- cancer
- high blood pressure
- lowback pain
- diabetics
- osteoporosis
- migain
- hepatitis
(Dr. Shiharata)

In 1997, Dr Shiharata, from Kyushu Univercity Japan proves that active hydrogen in Tlacote well, Mexico effectively inhibit the activity of harmful active oxygen and help fight aging (youthful). This is what motivated the Japanese scientists to produce hydrogen-rich water such as water Tlacote using advanced technology.

What is active oxygen?

Despite the trillions of cells in the human body can absorb all the minerals, water and oxygen to make your metabolism, but there are still 2 to 3 percent oxygen left. That is the oxygen which active oxygen left. Like a car engine is started, there must be 2% or 3% of gas produced is not useful, this is inevitable in our lives.

Because active oxygen is not stable then it is a threat to health. This active oxygen could rob electrons from the cells of the human body. Tissues of the human body will damage and cause aging cells, causing many cells to die. The main functions of the organs to deteriorate and eventually chronic diseases easily visit the human body.

Now this is the answer of the day! What is active hydrogen.

As we know, hydrogen gas consists of 2 hydrogen atoms. Active hydrogen is a hydrogen atom carrying an electron (negative charge) only. Due to the active hydrogen is a very small element, it can seep into all cells of the human body and a strong defensive wall. When there is a threat of active oxygen in the body cells, the active hydrogen will trap the active oxygen by means of electron transfer, then neutralizes the molecules before the water removed through urination (urinating).

Thus, the cells are prevented from oxidation or aging as an active hydrogen includes the functions : strengthen the body cells and increase the body's immune system. Always drink active hydrogen water to detoxify not only good but also for eternal youth!

In Malaysia, you can drink this water everyday, everytime you want but that if, you have M6 water filter. Problem solved. No need to go to Mexico, right? Don't forget, 017-6763608.

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