Friday, 13 January 2012

The Coins Keep Coming In My Pocket !

Currently, I'll share my success here, in a wonderful blog of mine. 

The highest amount of coins so far is RM 168 for TWO DAYS.
That's what I call, AWESOME.
It really is, AWESOME.
Friends, this really proves that my customers trust and has faith with M6 Nano Hydrogen. It's not easy to take away people's money. Not even a cent. 
I'll post evidence about this, later, I promise. 
M6 water, has the highest water quality so, come on, what are you waiting for? 
Let's be rich, successful and blessed with the passive income, TOGETHER
Gimme a call, Miza 017-6763608

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Friday, 4 November 2011

Pipe Water In Our Home




Look. This is the pipe water that we drink everyday.
Is the water at your house like this ??
Even water in this country is treated well
the government can only treat it basically.
To get the best water, from the best quality, we must use our own effort.
Remember that

A sincere advice from Amieza Quantum Rich : M6 Nano Hydrogen Water Filter.
The number to buzz : 017-6763608.

That is all, guys.
BYE ! :)

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Monday, 24 October 2011

Water Benefits

Water Benefits

Hello pals.
Hm, today, I feel like sharing an incident of what happened a fortnight before.
13 October 2011.

I was doing my routine, collecting coins from my M6 Vending Machine.
Then, there was an uncle in his 60's I guess, observing me as I clean my vending machine.
The dialogue between me and him is more or less like this :

Me : Kenapa pakcik? Nak ambil air ke?
Him : Yo la... Tunggu ekau siap dulu... <-- Negeri Sembilan dialect
Me : Oooo..... tak pe pakcik. Tak ganggu pun.Pakcik ambil air ni hari-hari ke?
Him : Eh, hari-hari !! Somonjak somput (he means athma) acik dah elok ni, hari-hari acik ambil air ni.
Me : Oooo...... ye ke? Alhamdulillah.....Terima kasih ye cik. Kalau macam tu, hari ni saya kasi air free.
Him : Laaa terima kasih banyak-banyak la nak oi... Semoga murah rezeki..

and, before he went off, he whispered something
"Nak, satu laie nak bagitau, sejak dah minum air M6 ni, hubungan suami-isteri pun dah semakin baik"
while he wiggles his point finger.
Then I was like Ha? Hahahaha...... :D

I continued my task with a big smile :) . Alhamdulillah.. with Allah's blessings, the presence of M6 in this Taman Dusun Nyior helped a lot in making the residents' health better. Yeah!....M6 hydrogen water benefits!

The conclusion is :
To those who have health problems, what are you waiting for? Let's drink M6 nano hydrogen water or call me, Mieza 017-6763608 for more information."Drink it and you'll feel the M6 hydrogen water benefits."

M6 water mieza

Thursday, 6 October 2011

M6 Nano Hydrogen Enchancement System

Hello, customers-to-be!!
Well today,
Rosmeza Bt. Othman
wants to give you more information about 
M6 Nano Hydrogen Enchancement System !
That's a long name,
and complicated isn't it? HEHE..
It looks perfectly like this :
*click for enlargement please :)*

Let me, present all those filters one by one, okay.

Filter 1 :  (the pipe water goes in here) Doulton (England) Ceramic + Nano Silver ++
Filter 2 : 'A' Grade activated Carbon + Mineral stones ++
Filter 3 : Nano Alkaline Tablet (Korea) + KDF55 (USA)
Filter 4 : M6 FIR Energy Stones (Korea)
Filter 5 : M6 Nano Hydrogen Ion (Rich in active Hydrogen)
Filter 6 : M6 Japan Carbon Fiber Nanopore ++ + Nano Silver++

Filtering dirt, mud, rust, heavy metals ( heavy metal ), chlorine and uses nano-silver to kill germs. (Red & Orange Filter Filter) 

 Increase the minerals such as calcium, magnesium and others to produce alkaline water. (Orange and Yellow Filter Filter)

Look Younger
 harmonized aura (infrared wave - a wave of growth) to break molecular clusters become more refined, adding oxygen. Using Japanese technology to produce hydrogen negative ions has a high antioxidant content. Not only good for being youthful but also for chronic patients. (Green Filter and Blue Filter) 

Using Japanese high-density carbon fiber to maximize absorption, soften water and increase the quality feel of the water. (Purple Filter) 

What is the difference between the big and the small M6 water filter? Water that is filtered using the large filter is just the same water with the small one. Both water filters produce hydrogen nano. The difference is in the terms of the filters' life. The life expectancy of a large water filter is longer than the small one. 
How much is the larger Water Filter? RM2380. The expensive?! Medical costs for patients with heart disease, low back pain, diabetes, hepatitis and other chronic diseases are more expensive. The rivers in Malaysia are very dirty and are not safe to drink if you don't use high quality water filters. Do you want to continue to use water like this?

Um, guys,
Don't think those pictures came from my home, okay !


That is it..
Hey, everything I wrote in this blog is 100% true okay.
Why do you think I have to lie?
Relax, comrade.

Tata for now . I'll be telling you more soon..

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Saturday, 10 September 2011

First promotion at Taman Dusun Nyior

This was the first promotion ever made by Amieza Quantum Rich. Oh, did I mention that my company's name is Amieza Quantum Rich?
Well then,
people from all kind of ages turned up just to taste, know better about and take a 5 liter sample of M6 water. Aren't they lucky? Also, *whispering - they said that M6 water is REMARKABLE !!!*

Look for yourself the amazing response from the residents of Taman Dusun Nyior which was amazingly AMAZING!

 (At the beginning = 3 p.m. Those residents were very effective.
They waited for us before 3 p.m. Nice!)
 (The 'capped' man was Abg Apai who helped in giving free water bottles!
Fyi, he's a resident, not one of the crews.!)
 ( Kak Nor said that she bought a 5 liter of M6 water worth RM 10!
She was willing because she knew how good M6 water is)

M6 water mieza